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  1. This is a simple tip how to write an essay. Essay is a short writing to express short information to grasp the information in a short of time.
  1. The first step of writing the five paragraph essay is to define an interesting title, in a short sentence, such as WHY DO I HAVE TO PRAY BEFORE AND AFTER LECTURING

3. For a simple training, this title is just to give you assignment how to write an essay in       just five paragraphs of writing below. The structure of your writing should be:


Introduction in paragraph 1.


Information 1 in paragraph 2.


Information 2 in paragraph 3.


Information 3 in paragraph 4.


Conclusion in paragraph 5.Introduction: there is a new obligation for all university citizens to pray before and after the lecturing process, and the respond of the citizen in general.

Information 1: tell us what is the text of the praying;

Information 2: what is the background of the program and activities;

Information 3: how is the implementation of the program;

Conclusion: Explain the result of the program and activities.

  1. Please do to try to write the assignment, and submit the assignment to above personal website of Do not submit directly to the lecturer. Please do try to write the best. Thanks a lot.


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