How To Write An Automatic Table of Content?


Writing is very important competence in our life, especially when we compare with speaking competence. Is that true?  What is the objective reason?

It was said that “when you speak the word echo across to the room or to the hall, but when you write your word echo will across to the age.”  Writing is the most important competences in our life. In the era of technology of information and communication, writing competence is very easy to make a draft. When we write in a page, may we do not need a written page. But when we write a lot of page for our book, we need pages as many as pages for our book. The problem is how to write an automatic table of content of our book?

This short writing will explain stages of the process of writing the process of automatic content of writing. What stages are the processes?

Firstly, we should have a draft of writing as many as pages we have. In the draft, we have a chapter and subchapter, and many paragraphs in every chapter and subchapters.

Secondly, we should design the heading for out draft. For this, we should open the change style in our laptop. We will have a heading box. All your chapters we have to click “heading 1,” all our subchapter we have to click “heading 2,” and when we need sub-subchapter we have to click “heading 3,” and so on. We are ready for these stages.

Thirdly, usually we have preface and acknowledgement for our writing. How can to write the pages? We should have not the Arabic number, but the small Latin number, like i, ii, iii, etc. We have to fit the format page number. Put the cursor in front of our title of “preface or acknowledgement,” then click the “insert” in our laptop, and click the “page number” finding the format page number, then click the number format, like i, ii, iii, etc., and then finish the process of writing the page number for our page of “preface” and “acknowledgement.” Please do not forget to write every page number.

Fourthly, start the first page for both of Arabic or Latin number. How can we process? Please put our cursor in the first page of our chapter or our preface or acknowledgement, then click “page set up” and apply “this point forward.” This is when we should make this page as the first page (number 1 or number i) for our writing.

Make a page of TABLE OF CONTENT before chapter I, or after the page of preface or page of acknowledgement. Put our cursor under the title TABLE OF CONTENT, and the last process of our writing an automatic table of contents. That is all.

Fifthly, this is the last process of writing the automatic table of content. Of course, when we finish all the stages above, the last processes are:

  1. Click “REFERENCE.”
  3. Insert table of content;
  4. Click OK, OK, and OK;
  5. Look at the page of table of content. Please south EUREKA!!!

So we have five s stages of writing an automatic table of content for our writing process. This is quite the same with five stages of the process of basic writing skills. Next time we want to explain the five stages of basic write skills. We do hope remember to write this title.

The short writing of an automatic table of content is just a theory of writing. When I found this theory, I just practice one by one stage by myself. I have many mistakes to practice the theory. At last I found the theory about how to write an automatic table of content. There is no practice without theory, and there is no theory without practice. Theory and practice are like two sides of a coin are inseparable.


English Bahasa Indonesia
a coin sebuah mata uang
a heading box satu kotak “heading”
across the ages sampai ke abad-abad
across the room sampai ke kamar tidur
arabic number nomor arab
automatic table of content tabel isi otomatis
basic writing stages langkah-langkah menulis dasar
chapter bab
Draft konsep
firstly, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, fiftly pertama, kedua, ketiga, keempat, kelima
format page number format nomor halaman
heading 1 “heading 1”
important competence kemampuan yang penting
inseparable tak terpisahkan
insert table of content masukkan daftar isi
latin number nomor latin
Life kehidupan
mistakes to practice kesalahan untuk mempraktikkan
short writing tulisan singkat
south eureka teriakkan AKU TELAH MENEMUKAN
Subchapter subbag
table of content daftar isi
the most important competence kompetensi yang paling penting
to write menulis
when you speak ketika anda berbicara
Writing tulisan
writing stages langkah-langkah menulis
your words echo gema kata-kata Anda


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Depok, 28 November Maret 2015


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